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Dr. Field Harrison

Dr. Field Harrison is passionate about taking people out of pain. It could be dental pain, it could be spiritual pain, or mental pain, or loss of dignity pain, or financial pain. Even before he graduated from dental school, he was traveling to Romania with other doctors and dentists to end a village’s suffering with tooth and jaw pain. Dr. Field Harrison is a cutting edge doctor of dental surgery: He has developed new surgery techniques to install veneers with less pain, less bleeding and faster recovery. He’s an entrepreneur. He founded Mint dentistry six years ago and has directed to be the fastest growing dental chain in Texas; he also has started three other successful companies the past five years. He’s a devout Christian: He doesn’t tithe to one church, but two and he starts every meeting at Mint with a prayer. He’s a devoted husband and father; rarely is he not home for breakfast and dinner. He’s an in-demand speaker on leadership and faith; more and organizations want to hear how his fear of God has changed his life, He’s an author; he wrote his first book when he was 23. And he’s a philanthropist.

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